The 9th Holy Night: The Kindness of Encircling

Imagine encircling.  What do you experience?

I see someone, something or some idea, feeling, or deed at a center and at some particular radial distance I am walking the circumference perceiving the object at the center.  What I notice is that with each step I take on the circumference the object at the center changes because my viewpoint has changed.

The kindness of encircling is the willingness to see something from a continuously changing perspective.

In these Inner Christmas Messages, we have been encircling the virtue of kindness.  We are at the 9th viewpoint on the circumference.

Radial Distance…how close or how far away from the center is the circumference of your observations?  Encircling allows for intimacy no matter what the distance from the center because multiple perspectives always lead to love.   

Time as radial distance.  If I encircled my marriage immediately after my divorce and then encircled it 10 years later what I see is very different even though the object at the center is the same. But certain contexts like divorce make it hard to encircle, we get stuck because there is a lack of kindness.

Is the circumference at the right radial distance that allows for the many perspectives of truth? Or beauty? Or goodness? It seems to me that I must be very far away from the deed to be able to perceive its goodness. I can see the changing beauty of a feeling from a middle distance. The changing experience of a truth can be perceived from a close encircling.

Then there is the speed of the walking and the changing perspective. How fast or slowly does the perspective change?  And consider the amount of time and effort it takes to walk the entire circumference.  Feel the kindness to commit to the never-ending encircling as circles never end.

The kindness of encircling allows love to flourish in the one who encircles.  The kindness of encircling allows freedom to flourish in the one encircled. There is no kindness and no flourishing in a fixed perspective.  No one and nothing will flourish when fixed. Only a corpse lacks movement.  So when we fail to move we are dead and what we fail to encircle we kill. The ultimate outcome of languishing is death.

I must keep encircling myself if I am to know myself. If I can’t encircle myself and all my stories, I become a corpse of fixed identities. A trauma freezes us in an identity and a story. We are so blessed to be in a time of consciousness where there is so much guidance for encircling our own traumas.

Our breath encircles our life around 26000 times a day!  Each inhale is of different air. Each exhale carries a different aspect of you into the world.

Gods and angels encircle. Think of haloes the encircling disks of holiness/kindness. Wear your halo today!

We can only encircle the future with our free imagination.  A fantasy does not encircle as it fixes its desire with obsession and fear.

Oh my.  I am encircling encircling and I keep seeing more and more of its kindness.

Think of all you are encircling in your life.  Feel your amazing kindness as your perspective subtly evolves as you encircle.  Think of the friendships that are filled with the kindness of encircling. Think of the great teachers in your life…they taught you how to encircle their subject.   Are you an encircling parent? Lover? Friend?


One Response to The 9th Holy Night: The Kindness of Encircling

  1. Paige January 2, 2016 at 11:06 pm #

    I tired to share a painting from my new, “We’Moon Gaia Rhythms for Womyn” Calendar, but could not find it online. It’s title, “Between Worlds II” shows many circles that represent planets (to me) and in the middle of theses many circles is a ladder that goes through a moon and sun and then a moon and Earth. It was a picture of the thought I had of ‘encircling’ from reading today’s message.(Syncrinicity) I have this “encircling feeling” when I am aware of Angle-like Beings and when I feel immersed in their presence I can then feel myself so connected with Gaia that I am either feeling her encircling the sun, or our planetary system moving/expanding out from the center.

    I think of encircling when:
    I walk a labyrinth
    Dance Folk Dances and some Eurythmy
    Seeing swirling Devishans
    Sit in a circle where everyone openly shares and listens with their hearts
    A wolf marks his territory
    Steiner’s Point and Periphery Exercise

    Nice suggestion, I will put on a halo for my husband, family, friends and others.